Saturday, October 19, 2013

Co-working Analysis

Tim Schbasky, creator of Project Your Space, recently synthesized the findings of a survey he collected from 217 coworkers for his master's thesis at Cass Business School. These findings are meant to help coworking spaces understand the characteristics of their constituents and the industry as a whole. 

The most compelling stat from the survey I found was this:

42.3% of those surveyed said that community is the #1 reason they select a particular coworking space. We at 100state consider that our focus and hope it to be our best offering.

Here are some other interesting stats I pulled from his work:

  • 64% of those surveyed are under 36.
    • I thought it would be an even higher percentage under 36. 
  • Over half of the surveyed are coworking in the USA.
    • This, to me, is like winning the gold medal in coworking. I'll be checking the mail.
  • Only 32% of coworkers are female.
    • Only ~25% are female at 100state! Time to deploy Operation "Attract more females." Spray on some Axe body spray.
  • When asked about which industry they're in, 37% (the majority) are in IT or communications.
    • The smallest group, at 2%, is 'administrative and support service activities, which is so vague one can only assume it is a front.
  • Self-employed coworkers (freelancers) dominate the coworking market.
    • These self-centered do-gooders refuse to hire others! We must overtake them, small business leaders.
  • Over 80% of coworkers are on a monthly membership plan at their space.
    • 11.3% selected 'other,' which makes me wonder if they even pay. Hmm... 
Thanks, Tim! This info is invaluable. 

100reasons to love Madison

Startup Crawl, #BeMadison, 100Friends
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October 24 Open Houses

Ever want to know more about the growing entrepreneurial community in Madison? All doors are open on October 24! From 10 am - 1 pm the doors of 100stateSector67,Horizon, and Bendyworks will be open to the public. Madison Magazine is hosting a crawl of these spaces on that day (with a TV crew, too) and wants the whole community to attend!

The day will end later that evening at the Majestic theatre with Hugh Forrest, director of South by Southwest Interactive, giving a keynote speech. Learn more and get tickets!


The city is working on their brand, and a team of 100staters is spearheading the cause! Start hashtagging photos that capture all things Madison with #BeMadison.
Then check out your photos here!
On Oct. 25, development companies in Madison will be joining forces for a Madison hackathon session on the 3rd floor of the Central Library from 9 - 5. 

The goal: work on day-long projects that make Madison a better place to live.

Who: Developers, graphic artists, and tinker'ers teaming up with anyone present.
The Mayor of Madison, Paul Soglin, is also willing to meet with any groups after the event to get their ideas moving!
No RSVP required.
Fetch Rewards launched their app in their first grocery store, Fresh Madison Market, on Oct. 3. Users scan their groceries as they shop to automatically receive deals and loyalty points. At the end of their trip, Fetch inputs the items into the checkout computer to eliminate scanning at the end of the trip. During the first week, they saw well over 1,000 users and many repeat users!!
To everyone gearing up for Halloween - trust us, it'll be ok. 
Looking for mentors!
100state is looking for anyone wanting to give back to someone younger than them by being a mentor to youth in the area. You don't need any special skills - your wisdom (like that of Mr. Miyagi) will suffice. Interested? Contact us. 


100state members have teamed up with the group, Friends of the State Street Family, to find ways to help the homeless on State Street. By talking with them and building relationships, we hope to understand what they need and how we can help. Want to get involved? The next meetings are Saturday @ 3 and Tuesday @ 6 at 100 State Street.Email Mike for more info. 

Saturday Oct. 26 is CityCamp!

The event will bring together local government officials, municipal employees, programmers, designers, citizens, and journalists to share perspectives and insights about the cities in which they live.The focus of the 2013 Camp is rough consensus and running code, with a priority on deploying working systems. 
In the morning, members of the Madison community will discuss current projects and initiatives. After a free lunch, we will break into an unconference, where people can follow up with the morning presenters, host their own sessions, or work together on projects. More info here!
All of Madison's entrepreneurial events at your fingertips.
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Monday, October 7, 2013


Ed and Niko are attempting to help Findorff determine the factors that may contribute to volatility in labor productivity. (It's okay, we don't understand it either.) Here are some pictures of them at the new UW hospital site on Madison's East Side.