Wednesday, October 29, 2014

“What it means to be a 100state member”

by Andrew Conley, Executive Director

100state members have their eyes and minds open, are looking to be involved in the community, and know how to take initiative. People like this are intrinsically on the search for people and places that help support their purpose. What 100state has done is give them those people and that place: a place that inspires collaboration and creates connections to unleash each member’s potential.

Members at a town hall meeting

We are a group of creators, too. We want to create the best place to live, work and play. We attract people who are searching for a purpose larger than themselves. People who know that giving back is important. They are looking to create value and instigate change that will have a profound effect on the world. At 100state, we know that the journey to create truly sustainable change is arduous, and that’s why you need a village of people to support you along the way.

100state is nearing one and half years old. (If we were human, that would mean we can run and walk, but we’re still sleeping 11 - 13 hours a day.) The journey thus far has been a learning process, and we know that the road ahead is full of challenges, but what makes 100state strong is that we are in this together.  One of our members, Laura Ash, was able to articulate her feelings better than I can about 100state:

“...You have built a community of dreamers that needed other dreamers to dream with. It's bigger than you, or me. It's about possibility, creation, and freedom….”

We are a tight knit group that are willing to help each other out. One member’s success is a success for all of 100state. The more each member is successful, the more successful our community is as a whole.

Attendees at a problem-solving soiree

At the heart of 100state are the members, who do a lot. We throw innumerable events, help people start startups, brainstorm to solve local problems, work on projects, teach, mentor, share ideas, and try to spread our culture, among others.  

100state is built on values that define the culture that resonates through our walls. When we invite people to become members, they’re agreeing to adhere to our code of conduct and core values:

1. People First.
People are what matter. When the right people come together, great things happen.

2. Community is our greatest asset.
The people around us influence our lives. We recognize it, and so should you.

3. Win - Win - Win.
Truly great projects benefit everyone. We look for that in every project we undertake.

4. Collaboration over competition.
Collaboration creates value; competition divides it.

5. Built on trust.
Good relationships are built on trust. 100state is built on relationships. Trust is key.

6. Be positive.
Negativity kills creativity.

7. Appreciate honesty. Expect nothing less.
Teamwork is hard, and communication is key. Even if it hurts, appreciate it.

8. Be courageous. Follow your passion.
What ends up lasting and inspiring is what started with passion and courage.

100state did not start the entrepreneurial scene in Madison, but we’re adding to it by attracting talented people and keeping them in Madison. A lot of work was done before we even started. Madison was already forming a strong entrepreneurial density that we are helping expand. We hope to continue to grow Madison’s community as a whole, then the region’s, and then the world’s. To do that, we have to collaborate.

100state is built to serve people of all backgrounds, all ages, and all entrepreneurial experiences to come together to share ideas and collaborate to create value for the for themselves and for everyone.  We hold our members to a high standard. They believe in our values and in the power of our community. And we hope that these values are reflected throughout all of Madison.